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Find details on the identify method payload in our Spec.

Open Web Analytics Alternatives and Similar...

has necessary infrastructure for every analytic application that heavily relies on its caching and pre-aggregation layer to provide several minutes raw data to insight delay and sub second API response times on a trillion of data points scale.

Top 4 open source alternatives to Google Analytics

The reason these operators have a suffix instead of simply having the same name with different signature is type erasure. Java doesn't consider signatures such as operator(Function T, Single R ) and operator(Function T, Maybe R ) different (unlike C#) and due to erasure, the two operator s would end up as duplicate methods with the same signature.

The trackLink method follows the format below.

The following example shows how this would work with JwkStore , an imaginary JWK Set implementation. For simple key rotation using JWKS, try the jwks-rsa-java library.

Plausible is a new player on this market and it's privacy-friendly by default, so it doesn't see the same level of blockage.

The examples and the Android example are standalone projects that showcase the usage of gRPC.

Great info thanks a lot. I will for sure try to use some of the great marketings tools you recommend.

Link: find out more about Gagues here.​

The API documentation is best viewed using the OBP API Explorer or a third party tool that has imported the OBP Swagger definitions. Please refer to the wiki for links.

For the steps, see: https:///postgresql-ssl-certificates

The BIRT Report Designer has a rich feature set , is robust, and performs well. It scores high in terms of usability with it’s intuitive user interface. An important difference with the other tools is the fact it presents reports primarily to web. It lacks a true Report Server, but by using the Viewer on a Java application server, you can provide end users with a web interface to render and view reports.

Thanks again for this analytics review. May this page get indexed for thousands of keywords and your blog will be more well known. :)

! IMPORTANT: The API endpoint has changed!. This release changes the API endpoint, request methods, and response formats. It's a major change. If you rely on the existing endpoint for data access you will need to update your API calls before upgrading to this release! The good news is that you can do a lot more via the API and we won't have breaking changes like this anymore. see: https:///Open-Web-Analytics/Open-Web-Analytics/wiki/REST-API

Although not enforced at compile time, make sure you provide either of userId or anonymousId for each message. Failing to do so will raise an exception at runtime.


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