«Njal ' s saga analysieren» . «Njal ' s saga analysieren».

La saga de njial

"Then thou wilt never come back to us," says the king.

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The other brothers of Flosi were Thorgeir and Stein, Kolbein and Egil. Hildigunna was the name of the daughter of Starkad Flosi's brother. She was a proud, high-spirited maiden, and one of the fairest of women. She was so skilful with her hands, that few women were equally skilful. She was the grimmest and hardest-hearted of all women but still a woman of open hand and heart when any fitting call was made upon her.

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After that he called on the judges to pronounce for the defence.

"This now I ask of thee how tightly are your hearts knit as to this suit, thou and the other sons of Sigfus?"

About this they had many words. The weather was good, and Hallgerda was sitting out of doors. Glum went up to her and said -

So they went to Hof, and showed the pretty things to Mord, and asked him if he knew them?

"What hast thou then in thy mind? Wilt thou woo thee a wife?"

"Still," says Hrut, "their business must be with thee. They will ask the hand of thy daughter, Hallgerda. If they do, what answer wilt thou make?"

It was easy to see that he goaded them on in everything.

After that they rode back home. The news that the suit was set on foot was spread all over the country, and the saying ran that the Thing would be very noisy and stormy.

"How many men shall we need to have to lie in wait for him?" says Starkad.

After his sons become involved in a dispute, the farmstead at Bergþórshvoll is surrounded by a hundred men and put on fire. By then, Njáll was an old man and is offered the chance to leave. He chooses to stay and dies in the fire with the rest of his family — hence Njáls saga has also been called Brennu-Njáls saga meaning "Saga of Burning Njáll". 96 9 98

"We will go to our bed," says Njal, "and lay us down I have long been eager for rest."

"I dreamt that thy brother Thorwalld was clad in a red kirtle, and methought it was so tight as though it were sewn on him methought too that he wore red hose on his legs and feet, and bad shoethongs were twisted round them methought it ill to see when I knew he was so uncomfortable, but I could do naught for him."

After that men went away, and all thought things looked like the greatest entanglement. The Christian men chose as their Speaker Hall of the Side, but Hall went to Thorgeir, the priest of Lightwater, who was the old Speaker of the law, and gave him three marks of silver to utter what the law should be, but still that was most hazardous counsel, since he was an heathen.

Flosi was little stirred at what had befallen them, but said no one could tell whether things would stop there, "for there is no man like Kari of all that are now left in Iceland".

Hauskuld sat him down, but they went until they came up to them. Skarphedinn said to Sigmund -

She goes first till they come to the sheepcote she goes in and bade them follow her. Then she lit a torch and held it up and said -


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