«Coral tree erythrina caffra» . «Coral tree erythrina caffra».

Of eritrine, or coral tree (lat. Erythrina) - a genus of flowering plants of...

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5 BLUE PASSION FLOWER seeds (Passiflora caerulea)

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The seeds are poisonous in their raw state, but can be cooked and eaten. Along with the bark, the seeds were used to stupefy fish, making them easier to catch. 96 6 98

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Erythrina x bidwillii tree (photo Elphaba) and flower (middle and right)


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The Coral Tree blossoms first, then leaves out with broad green foliage. The tree is ablaze with clusters of bright red blossoms shaped much like the... Erythrina caffra, Erythrina constantiana, Erythrina insignis (South African Coral tree, Kaffirboom).